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Sidomex Academy - Study With Industry Experts


We have written, produced and directed two successful and critically acclaimed movies, Dinner and Alter Ego.

Our movies have premiered in Nigeria, Paris and London cinemas. They are also currently featuring on selected flights.

With our movie production and post-production equipment, our students are assured of hands-on experience.

And that is not all


Movie - Dinner

Dinner is a dramatic thriller movie directed by Jay Franklin Jituboh and starring Richard Mofe-Damijo and Adeyemi Okanlawon that opened in the cinemas in Nigeria in November 2016.

When Mike Okafor invited his childhood friend and buddy, Adetunde George, to have dinner, what was meant to be a weekend of fun turns out to be where secrets are let out and trust broken. The movie was critically well received and is among the top 10 highest grossing movies of 2016. It is currently showing some major international airlines such as Air France and the British Airways.

Movie - Alter Ego

A story about child sexual harassment, bringing awareness of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Alter Ego was the movie that ended star actress Omotola’s three-year hiatus from Nollywood. Alter Ego was the highest grossing movie of the weekend on its opening weekend in July 2017 and has premiered in London and Paris cinemas. Alter Ego was also one of the movies that were shown on the maiden edition of the Nollywood Travel Film Festival in Toronto Canada. The movie also won the coveted Jury’s Award at the 2017 Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF).

Book - Black Spell

Published in December 2017, Black Spell is a captivating story with themes centring around lust, passion, murder, betrayal, and forgiveness. Daniel Pullman, a white man and a successful tennis player, met and fell in love with a black girl, Leticia. But love is not always straightforward, Dan is engaged to another. There are neither heroes nor villains only the conscience to serve as beacons to guide.

Black Spell: Once you go black, it takes a miracle to go back.

Book - If Only

The debut novel by J.Michael. If Only was published in December 2016 on Amazon. The story was narrated in the first person by the protagonist, and set in the hustle and bustle of a modern Lagos life, “If Only” tells the story of Joe, a successful married young banker who cheated on his wife and became entangled in a web of lies, fraud, betrayal and murder. Joe must toe the line of his persecutors to save his family. The book has been critically acclaimed and is rated 5 stars by reviewers on Amazon.

Mission 3R Sidomex Academy

Book - Mission 3R

The venue is the White House. The time is 3am and to the hurriedly assembled select team of top military and government leaders, the message from the President of the United States could not have been any more shocking and frightful. Genesis, the most secretive and most daring machine on which trillions of dollars had been spent has disappeared; either stolen by a competitor nation or taken back in time by rogue American soldiers. With either scenario capable of leading to disaster for the US and possibly other nations of the world the US, Russia and China separately embark on urgent measures to fast track the completion of machines that would go on a search and destroy mission.

But where has Genesis gone to and what is the motive of the mainly military men that furtively took off with it? The answers to these questions surface in the wake of a roller coaster ride through murder, lust, treachery and the extent to which the execution of good intentions can be subverted by the misuse and corrupting influence of absolute power.

Mission 3-R is a gripping must read from the acclaimed author of If Only and Black Spell.



We don’t mean to brag, but we are MASTERS at launching filmmaking careers anyone has only imagined. With 2 blockbuster movies produced, several accolades under our belt, and a rich pool of ‘achieving’ alumni, we pose as your surest bet.

Our top of line facilitators who are not just practitioners, but experts in the filmmaking industry are more than prepared to take you on. Our state of Art facility situated within the heart of real production environment creates conducive learning.

No one leaves the Academy in a state of dilemma. Here, students launch out straight into the capacity they have always dreamt of, so, our warning remains, if you aren’t ready to launch out BIG, then ignore us. At Sidomex Academy, we plan the future with you, that’s our commitment.